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Entrepreneurs have the capacity to see obstacles as opportunities. Constantly striving, growing, improving and adjusting as the seas of business change, they are the cornerstone of community, dedicated, ambitious, hardworking and relentless in the pursuit of excellence.


Upcoming Events

2017 All-Island Entrepreneurial Summit @ Arbutus Ridge Golf Course
Apr 28 all day

All-Island Entrepreneurial Summit 2017


The 2017 All-Island Entrepreneurial Summit is proudly being hosted by the Young Entrepreneurs Society of Victoria to encourage business across the entire island!

Come for an amazing day of learning and networking! YES is thrilled to connect businesses and entrepreneurs to experts and each other, so that the relationships that allow us do business together can begin to form.

Breakfast, lunch, and a mixer at the end of the day are all included.

Keynote Speakers

John Close – owner of Lush Eco Lawns

Michael Losier – author of the best-selling book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t


Rosemarie Barnes – certified speaking coach, international best-selling author and owner of Confident Stages

Rebekah Hutchison – co-owner of Liquid Capital West Coast Financing Corp

Reese Richards – Partner / Marketing Strategist of VictoriaHomes Media Ltd.

Alistair MacGregor – Member of Parliament for the new riding of Cowichan—Malahat—Langford

Keynote Topics
The Power of SEO, and the Value of Being a Part of a Network and Having a Great Reputation – Reese Richards
Taking the Leap into Starting Your Own Business – John Close
What Every Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Salesperson Ought to Know About Law of Attraction’s Impact on Their Business and Sales – Michael Losier
Top 10 Tips to My Business Success – Rebekah Hutchison
Creating Business Collaboration Across the Island – Alistair MacGregor
And one more topic from Rosemarie Barnes.

Sponsorship Opportunities
We would like to encourage potential sponsors for the event, with the ability for businesses to set up displays at the event, as well as sponsors for the lunch, keynote speakers and so on ranging from $300 to $1,500. Please contact or (250) 882-2200 for more details.

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