2016 All-Island Entrepreneurial Summit

What a terrific day with some great Island Entrepreneurs.  The speakers were brilliant, Arbutus Ridge provided a stunning venue and the group of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who took the time to join us brought energy, expertise and, most importantly, community!  YES is thrilled to have begun to build the relationships across the Island that will help break down the Malahat divide on the island between Victoria and Nanaimo, Duncan and Vancouver Island.


While many of us work around the world through the wonders of the internet and air travel, but we still struggle to connect across our beautiful island.  The opportunities that we have all begun to open up are huge!

13001047_10153855777393283_5048760506203969817_nArbutus RidgeJoeKurtis

“Thank you everyone for taking the time out today to spend it with us. A huge shout out to the terrific speakers today who stepped up and really gave it their all with their energy as well as specific and targeted strategies that I know I’ll be implementing in my business as soon as possible!!! Clemens Rettich, Gabriel Padva, Paul Krismer, Paul Holmes, Joe Girard and the ever driven Liza Rogers!!! Can’t thank each of you enough!!”


“Also a huge thanks to the rest of the Young Entrepreneurs Society – Victoria, BC Board of Directors that stepped up and helped with the event – Olga Minko, Ben Mcculloch, David Vanderlee, Jesse McClinton, Kurtis Brown and many others including Matthew Gillard, TJ, thanks for making our first Annual event a great success!”

– Phil Bisset-Covaneiro