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Company Profile Coming soon to the App Store and Android devices everywhere: Our app developers and content creators will be able to offer your customers, customized local content that’s all about YOU! Specially-designed to help smaller family-owned retailers and start-ups, who may not be able to afford the rising costs of advertising with traditional media. It’s also going to assist more established businesses reach that elusive millennial demographic who stream & download everything on their phones…are cord-cutters, or have never had cable (and never will)…and think: “Radio? Newspapers?! That’s so LAST CENTURY!”

Services Whether you’re in Travel / Tourism & Hospitality, Food & Beverage or Event planning; work in the shopping district, part of team or a self-employed service provider…No matter how big or small your business: there’s a place for YOU with endless marketing opportunities on our app! Advertise with us, and you’ll also benefit from Ad Mode Media’s cloud-based and geo-targeted content, with data analytics on clicks/impressions and conversions. Here are just a few examples of what your participation may look like.

About Company AdModeMedia is a local agency in the digital interactive media and content delivery market. Ad Mode Media is launching An exciting new LOCAL Advertising platform throughout Greater Victoria in 2019!