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Company Matrixology

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Services Transformation coaching. Healing from past traumas. Taking on new characteristics and skill sets. Accessing new information and also new ways of dealing with people. Mending a broken heart. Overcoming fears, insecurities, self limiting beliefs, lack of love for self. Being able to stand in your power and access a position of power at will. Anchoring states of being, to access at any moment of time you may need them. Teaching you about how reality works on an energetic level. Changing perception.

About Let me start by telling you a simple fact. We are bombarded by 400,000,000,000 particles of information every second. Yet as humans we can only comprehend 2000 of that. The 2000 that we see is our "perception of reality". Based on the imprint that our 5 senses have made on our subconscious mind. I help people change that perception, access new information, overcome fears, insecurities, self defeating behaviours ect ect... Reality is subjective. Transformation to experience/perceive life differently. Take on new skills, access new information, heal yourself. All change comes from within, so that's where we start. Everything is energy and energy is everything. Where your mind goes your body always follows. We're far more powerful then we'll ever be let to believe.


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