Hayden Cyr

Biographical Info Managing Partner @ Vancouver Island Trade Exchange

Email Address hayden@vitx.ca

Company Vancouver Island Trade Exchange

Work Phone 250-412-3633

Website http://www.vitx.ca

Services What VITX does is pretty simple.   1 – We bring new business to companies with excess capacity 2 – The excess capacity is paid for in trade dollars, our VITX currency 3 – Trade dollars are then used to offset cash expenses, grow business, and more   By selling excess capacity on trade, our members grow their business, fill empty time slots, and move inventory. This new trade business is on top of regular cash customers, it is business that would not have been received otherwise. Paying in trade from trade dollars earned through new business lowers the cost of EVERYTHING that you buy in trade.

About Our goal is to provide a way for businesses to grow and prosper through trade, while improving cashflow. 

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/VITX.ca

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/govitx

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