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Company Profile - Joined Randall North Real Estate Services Inc. in 2016 - A practicing archeologist - Originally from Vancouver, now lives in the Victoria area - University of Victoria: Double major: Bachelor of Arts in archeology and anthropology - Licensed by the Real Estate Council of BC with ability to practice in rental property management - President of a local BNI chapter

Services We conduct regular cost analysis reports throughout the year to keep you informed of your properties’ income status. We offer reasoned recommendations for improving your cost-expense ratio, and implement changes expediently to start saving you money right away. We work diligently to reduce vacancies and keep your revenue rolling. We don’t charge you for the extras, we never mark-up services to generate additional profit for us. We offer competitive management fees to take care of all the details, putting more money in your pocket, and more time in your life.

About Company We are a property management company specializing in rental, commercial and facility management!

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