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Company Profile Kulea Love provides non-medical care for seniors in Greater Victoria. Our vetted and bonded caregivers provide flexible, customer-centered care to help seniors continue to live independent lives in their homes, and provide peace of mind to families. Kulea Love is a Swahili word that means “caring from the heart”: our philosophy of care at Kulea Love Kulea Love is different from other home care providers. Our employees come from countries where caring and honoring elders is a core part of the cultural make-up. We live the value of seniors in our home societies and we are an extension of you in the care and importance of your loved ones. At Kulea Love we establish a mutual relationship of respect with our clients. Seniors are given the opportunity to teach, and share their life experiences with their caregivers. This approach offers not only assurance that caregiving needs are being met in a respectful manner, but also provides seniors with the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. That sense of purpose and relationship is key to not only taking care of physical needs, but also emotional and intellectual ones. We truly care from and for the heart. At Kulea Love we promote intellectual exchange, we stimulate partnership and we believe in our clients’ participation in defining their own care. This is how we care for seniors - from the heart at Kulea Love.

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About Company Kulea-Love offers non-medical senior support services. Kulea Love is a Social Enterprise that has been created for two main reasons: 1. To enhance senior living by helping them with their everyday life activities 2. As an avenue to help employ immigrant women. Our clients are helping immigrant women support their families and become financially independent

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