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Profile Since inception in 2018 Charge Fitness has been on a mission to get more people healthy and in tune with their bodies. Our motto is "A Stronger You In Way Less Time." Technology has advanced at an incredible rate over the last 30 years, allowing Charge Fitness to combine technology with exercise to bring you results in a fraction of the time.

Services We specialize in Electro-Muscle Stimulation training. Our methods are effective and safe for all fitness levels. Get personal attention from working 1 on 1 with a trainer or energize your workout by working in a small group. At Charge Fitness you can accomplish in 20 minutes what would take hours through conventional methods. We cater to anybody who values their time, fit us into your work day, be in and out in as little as 30 minutes. Ems training is also very low impact and safe for many with injuries, a great way to train without pain.

About Founded in Victoria 2018. Charge Fitness is Vancouver Islands First Whole Body EMS training Studio



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