YES Victoria Menthorship

Have you grown your business already but are stuck achieving the next level of growth? Do you have a business but feel stagnant? Have you recently started your own business? Even if none of these apply to you, if you’re in business, you can benefit from a Mentor.

Mentorship is a secret weapon of successful entrepreneurs. Taking advantage of the experience and connections of an experienced business person’s expertise is an opportunity available to you through the Victoria YES group.

What is a Mentor? A successful business person with a desire to share their business acumen, provide guidance and give introductions to a larger business community.

Why would you want a mentor? A Mentor will ask you questions about your specific business plan and your execution in order to enhance your focus on streamlining your business journey. Mentors can also keep you accountable to your ideas and your level of ambition.

How can I find a Mentor? Come out and join the Victoria YES group at one of our weekly social events or monthly mixers, meet our group and build some relationships. Want to engage in a conversation right away? Click this link to send us an email and tell us why you’d like to connect with a Mentor.

Come out and become a part of Victoria’s Most Community Conscious Entrepreneurs.